Last Minute Festive-ness!

There are 6 more days until Christmas!  Some people have been finished shopping and had their decorations up the day after Thanksgiving (some started earlier this year, and we're not even going to mention them)!  Others will get to the whole Christmas shopping thing in about 4 days.  But you may find yourself with things about done, just some finishing touches needed.

We have the perfect solution for present toppers, hostess gifts, and unique ornaments.

The Loopy Bobble!


We knit these as part of our Winterscape Bobble display that is still up at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio.  We're drawn to it's cozy texture and the possibilities for creativity are endless!


There are several tutorials out there for the loop stitch, but this is our favorite from Wool and the Gang.

You can personalize the Loopy Bobble in so many fun ways.  Use double stranded yarns to create a more dimentional look.  Use thinner yarn and smaller needles to make a tiny Loopy Bobble.  By that same idea, go HUGE!


Mistletoe Bobble!  I must admit, I kept saying 'retake', because those kisses are so sweet!


You can get started in our Pattern pages, or look it up on ravelry!

Instead of going loopy trying to fight the crowds these next few days, just knit a Bobble instead!

Merry Christmas!