Knit the Trail

It's the beginning of a new year, and with that comes new goals and projects! (While we could determine to be better bloggers, let's face it, we'll probably just spend all our time knitting!) 

At the end of 2015, we proposed a public art installation to the City of Newark. We are happy to announce their support for our display that will decorate the trees in several areas along the James F. Hall Trail, which follows the railroad line in Newark, and is the most frequented trail in Delaware.

So many people in Newark value this trail, and have their specific attachments and emotions that go along with the time they spend there. Whether they run, bike, play tennis, or take their kids to the playground, the trail brings members of our community outside together. For the two of us, we've spent hours running the trail and hanging out with friends and our children. This project was inspired one summer evening while we were running together. The idea of seeing something new and surprising along different points of the trail really excited us. Winter brightening toward spring is such an optimistic and promising time, and we hope this display will be as surprising, playful, and inspiring as nature itself.


Another aspect of accomplishing a project of this scale is that it offers an opportunity to connect with other local knitters. We're excited to have old and new friends join us, and if you're interested in contributing, email us for more info! We have supplies and would love to get you involved. After all, knitting together in love is our thing!