Livng, Loving, and Knitting...

Hello there!  While we may not have spent much time writing lately, we have still been knitting away!

We've found that there is a fine balance when trying to take care of families, spend time with friends, serve in our communities, and accomplish our knitting goals.  Sometimes good things have to be set aside for the best things to take priority.

And what could be better than a new baby?  Two new babies!  Kate will be welcoming her twins in the middle of August.  This will be such an exciting time for her family!  


Lacey is heading up a project that we will be displaying at the Lion Brand Studio this winter.  Lots of cream, lots of bobbles, hours and hours of knitting!


We will be updating the website Gallery as often as possible with our finished pieces, and we'd always love to hear any questions or feedback.

We're thankful for everything God is doing in our lives right now.  May your hearts continue to be encouraged by beautiful things each day!