Lacey: You need to knit yourself a skirt!

Last January, I thought that instead of always knitting tops and hats, my bottom half needed some warmth too!  A hand knit skirt would be a new style to try out.  Since I wasn't finding any patterns I liked, I took my love of cables and a skein of Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool, and designed a skirt that was completely unique and the perfect touch for the end of winter!

 The celtic cable in front is the main attraction, but each cable in the skirt is different.

The celtic cable in front is the main attraction, but each cable in the skirt is different.

I wore the skirt once, and then gave it to Kate, because I knew she would get much more wear out of it.  Every time I see her in it, I feel so happy!  And one thing we agreed on... Everyone needs a wool, hand knit skirt!  We call it the "bum warmer" because it is sooo warm!  

Then in September, I knit a skirt designed by Pickles.  I loved the pattern as soon as I saw it, but I did shorten it by several inches!  (You reach a point where you don't want to knit another inch, you just want to wear it!)  This skirt was also knit in the Fishermen's Wool, and I sent it to my friend in Paris as a birthday gift.  


It's been a year, but I finally have my very own "bum warmer" again!  I did the same Pickles skirt, in the same color, because it's just perfect.  This pattern is a great project to have on the needles for knitting nights or times when your concentration will be split.  It's easy to pick up anytime and you can do the cables without an extra needle.  And, I can't say it enough, it really does keep your bottom so toasty!


The Knitty Gritty


Pattern: Sassy Secretary Skirt by Pickles

Yarn: Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool in Nature's Brown

Needles: Size 6 circular, size 4 circular for ribbing

Size: XS

Modifications: For the waistband, I did ribbing for 3 inches.  I like how it gives it a more slimming shape, and it stays put just fine.  I also shortened the overall length of the skirt by several inches!  

I plan on wearing this skirt as much as I can for the rest of the winter.  It's cozy and casual with a t-shirt and leggings, but can also be paired with silk fabrics or even leather!  I love it's versatility, and the simple cable pattern makes it perfect for any day.  Bottom line (wink, wink)... you need one!