Pins and Needles

We are casting on for the Save the Children Make the World Better with a Sweater Challenge!

By encouraging participants to knit a sweater, wear a sweater, or participate in a 'Sweater Run', and donate, Save the Children is bringing awareness and "making the world a better place- transforming children's lives and the future we all share".

We love the idea of knitting for awareness and being part of a bigger community. Our passion for knitting can encourage others and help those in need.


K: I'm knitting this sweater in honor of my mom.  She was a stay-at-home mom of 9 children, home-schooled each of us, and placed so much importance on family time. She has completely molded my values of family, hospitality, faith and generosity. She is a force of good; using all of her time to plan events to raise funds for the Village of Hope Orphanage in Zambia, Global Aid Network- which sends meals around the world, and church functions. This year she's turning 60! Recently, she told me that she is doing exactly what she loves to do and is so joyful in the thick of the work. The woman has an insatiable appetite for helping others and she puts all of her energy into that effort.

L: My friend, Jenni, has been involved in remarkable work around the world these past few years. Working on HERproject, she traveled to advise companies on how to facilitate safe and sustainable practices for the women they employ. Now, she creates policies to encourage sustainability in the garment industry. This investment in the lives of women surely affects their children and communities as well. Jenni has always had a heart for people, and the ability to understand needs and find practical ways to meet those needs. Jenni, your work is so inspiring to me!

We're encouraging any knitters and crocheters out there to join us! Tag your pictures with #Sweater and @savethechildren. Anyone can donate $5 by texting SWEATER to 20222, or go online at

Happy knitting!