Last January, while at Vogue Knitting Live NYC, Kate and I met the creative director of Lion Brand Yarn Studio.  She invited ktog to be a part of their Featured Fiber Artist Gallery located in the studio. 

This was so exciting for us because Lion Brand is often the yarn we go to for our projects.  The very first sweaters we made together were in LB Hometown USA, we use the Martha Stewart Extrasoft Wool for almost every baby sweater we make, and we're smitten with their Alpine Wool right now.

Kate and I discussed some ideas and I began work on a new art display, Winterscape, to hang across the gallery wall at the Lion Brand Studio.

 Loop stitch bobble

Loop stitch bobble

Winterscape Bobbles will be on display at the studio until the end of January.  Inspired by the winter season, it has a palette of cream and white yarns.  Shape and texture are the main focus, taking the viewer across the wall, up and down the slopes of a zig zag.

Pinterest inspiration board

We've knit our bobbles before, but instead of using size and color in a random way, this piece was all about using the bobbles to form a bigger image.  I loved getting a little more technical with the gauge and measurements, making sure everything lined up properly.  I wanted the textures of the bobbles to convey the feel of being in the mountains or city on a snowy day, but still offer a cozy warmth.


It's been fun to see the way different viewers relate to certain aspects of the piece.  Some have a favorite bobble, others like the zigzags, and some enjoy the shadow play the most.  For me, it's a contemplative journey to study the piece up close, following the lines of the pattern, and then step back for the full effect.

Pete and I installed the bobbles this week, and even met the president of Lion Brand, David Blumenthal!  It's been a pleasure to work with Gretchen and Mark from Lion Brand, and I can't wait to get back up to NYC to visit the studio (and my bobbles)!