Phildar N. 7 La Robe

I started this adorable dress a few months ago, but ran out of yarn halfway through. My dear friend sent me the skein of coral yarn I needed (thank you so much, Jenni!), and I was able to finish the project!


The Knitty Gritty

Pattern:  Phildar N. 067-T11-435 from Spring/Summer 2012                                                                                   

Yarn: Phildar Phil Coton 3 in guimauve, corail, and rosee                                                               

Needles: US size 6 circular, US size 2 circular                                                                            

Size: 12 months (I think they run a size big, because Aline normally wears 18m.)                 

Modifications: I used 3 colors instead of the 5 the pattern called for. (Also, in the future, I think I might slip the edge stitch around the arm holes.) Once I wove in all my stripe-y ends, I actually sewed the dress together with a machine.  This is the second time I've done this, and I really like the way it turns out.  I think it holds up fine, and looks nicer than if I tried to sew it with yarn!  

I love this little dress!  Fortunately, Aline does too!  She has worn it as a tunic over leggings, and a dress over a diaper cover.  It's been washed a few times by now, too!  Washes fine and the stitches look just as crisp as when they were just knit! 

 Pretty sure every photo shoot with Aline will include Cheerios! 

Pretty sure every photo shoot with Aline will include Cheerios! 

I love the yarn, love the stripes, and love the simple style!  But what I love most of all is when someone asks Aline if I knit her dress, and she looks down and smooths it out to show it off.  Such a sweetie pie!


Have you ever knit a pattern that was written in a different language?  How about sewing a knitted garment together?