We love stripes!

I have been working on a little sweater design for the past couple of weeks. It stemmed off of the baby sophisticate sweater by Linden Down on Ravelry. I learned how to do raglan shaping from her adorable sweater! I wanted to try a simple striped pullover with raglan shaping and a button placket opening in the back. The first one turned out pretty well, so Lace and I thought that we would make a couple different color combos!

Here they are! 

Photo May 27, 8 03 11 PM.jpg

The pink and white one is all Lily and Bernat cotton, the green and cream one is Berrocco Comfort yarn, and the blue and yellow one is Martha Stewart and Berrocco yarn together. My favorite one to knit was the cream and green sweater. It is so soft! Ever since I made the Purlbee chevron blanket, I have been in love with Berrocco Comfort yarn. It is wonderful! 

We hope to post the pattern soon, but for now, here are some more photos!

Photo May 27, 8 03 53 PM.jpg
pink and white sailor stripe.jpg