Adventures with Bobbles

  The bobble is my favorite detail stitch in knitting. I am drawn to round shapes, and the bobble is everything that epitomizes cute, unexpected texture, and fun detail in a garment.  This cape was posted on pinterest, and is just so wonderful! 

bobble cape.jpg

The bobble became my signature earlier this year when I was asked to knit a display for a book release party called Dream Friends, put on by the table at brandywine at DCCA, the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts in Wilmington. I began with a wooden wagon wheel that I yarn-bombed with a diamond cable and bobble design around the circumference. I loved the idea of how knit can connect to other things- space, places, I wanted tendril-like garlands reaching out from the wagon wheel, hanging where people could touch them and feel connected to the piece in that way. The I-cord was perfect, and I added the bobble concept to it to come up with tons of "bobble garlands" hanging from the wagon wheel up to 9 feet long.

Here is one of the bobble strands in progress! I added a tiny little sparkle strand that I picked up on South Street in Philadelphia randomly, that added a little something special to each strand! 

bobble in progress2.jpg

Soon, the project grew, and became a series of four wagon wheels with as many bobble garlands hanging off of them as Lacey and I could knit in a month and a half. We also recruited our whole knitting group, and we lived, breathed, and obsessed about these bobble garlands. It was like a knitting race, requiring constant work and endurance. Our hands were tired, our husbands, and even our children seemed tired! Finally in March, the date rolled around, and we had knit so many bobble garlands that we ended up using 5 and a half MILES of yarn for the piece! Thank God it was mainly Bernat handicrafter cotton, or else we would have knit our husbands and children out of house and home! Despite all the grueling work the knit piece had become, it was the most satisfying project I have ever created, including all the clothing pieces I designed in college.  The piece looked exactly like my sketches, and when we hung it up at DCCA, it was a dream come true. In fact, it fueled our love for knit installments, and has really changed the course of ktog's knitting aspirations.  Here are some shots of the final piece!

Photo Mar 16, 4 54 00 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 16, 4 52 26 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 18, 8 20 26 PM.jpg

We are so thankful to the Table at Brandywine who gave us the opportunity to dream big and use knitting in an unexpected way. Check out their upcoming events here