Half a Dress....

Have you heard of  Phildar?  I first saw one of their patterns on Pinterest, and determined to check them out when I visited my friend in Paris.  Although I've read on other blogs that this is a cheaper brand (maybe similar to Lion Brand?), I have loved everything I've seen from them.  

 Only picture we took... but look at the bright colors! 

Only picture we took... but look at the bright colors! 

I found the yarn on a floor in Les Printemps, a world famous department store.  Can you imagine picking up a few skeins of yarn while you're browsing the designer collections at Nordstrom?  I think this shows a difference in the cultural perceptions of knitting, and crafting, in general.  The French value the process, and encourage it as a part of high fashion.  

Phildar designs garments that are cute and practical, so I bought a few kids catalogs and several skeins of yarn.  Once I got home, I realized that, of course, the catalogs are in French!  I found a great site that shares the translations of French knitting terms, and so far I haven't had any problems.  Well...


...until I ran out of yarn in the middle of this dress.

This will be for my 18 month old daughter, Aline.  The yarn is Phildar Coton 3, and although it's 100% cotton, it has such a beautiful shine!  I'm using size 3 needles, and the smaller size makes the dress feel more delicate and special.  Knitting stockinette can get boring, but the stripes are fun!  I love these colors together!  So sweet and girly! 


I can't wait to see my baby toddling around this summer in her striped dress!  Fortunately, I have a special order of that pretty orange coming in!  (Perk of having a friend who lives in Paris!)