Mother-Daughter Knitting

My church hosts small groups for 10 week sessions throughout the year.  Any person can choose a discussion, service, or activity to base their group on.  The hope is that people can get together throughout the week, and connect in deeper ways than a quick wave during the Sunday gathering.  This fall I've been hosting a Mother-Daughter Knitting group.   


We meet at a coffeeshop, enjoy coffee and hot cocoa, and some cozy, quality time with our girls.  I love being able to share my love of knitting with Aevyn, and it has been so exciting to see her develop her skills and even teach others.  All of the moms in our group learned the basics pretty quickly, and each week they come with something new they've started, or a question that pushes their skills further.  The girls are doing great, too!  

 Aevyn's projects

Aevyn's projects

What I love is that each of these mother-daughter pairs now has an activity they can do together.  They may not knit during every spare moment, but it's something they can pick up whenever.  And the girls will always be able to say, "I learned to knit with my mom!"

(These photos and videos are Aevyn's perspective on knitting group!)