Cozy up with a handknit round pillow!

After I had a little bit of time to recover from the knit installment Lacey and I did for the Table at Brandywine in the Spring...I found myself wanting to knit spheres again. Weird inkling, right? Two of the failed bobbles from the event actually turned into a set of round knit couch pillows for my sister-in-law's living room. She has a major knack for decorating a space, and she made these accidental pillows look totally cool. So, I thought I would make my sister Nat a pillow as a house-warming gift! She just recently moved to Brooklyn! Here is the pillow and the how-to!


The Knitty Gritty:
Needles: Size 13, 16-inch circular and dpns
Yarn: Lionbrand Hometown Dallas Grey
 Finished size: about 15 inches across!

CO 5 sts onto dpns. (CO 2 sts on first needle, 2 sts on the next, and then 1 st on the last one.) This part is slightly cumbersome because of the small number of stitches, but it gets better, I promise!
Place marker to mark the beginning of the round.
 Join in the round. 
Rnd 1: K2 in each stitch around. (10 sts)
Rnd 2: K1, K2 in next stitch, 5 times. (15 sts) 
Rnd 3: K2, K2 in next stitch, 5 times. (20 sts)
Rnd 4: K3, K2 in next stitch, 5 times. (25 sts)

Switch to the 16-inch circulars once your sts fill the dpns. 

Continue increasing in this way, adding 1 more knit stitch in between increases for each round, until you have at least 75 stitches total. For this grey pillow I increased until I had at least 100 stitches. Honestly, I cannot remember the exact amount of stitches I ended up with! A little tip, take notes as you go, so that if you ever want to replicate your project, it's easy!  

Once you have 100 stitches on your needles, Knit 7 garter ridges. This will be 14 purl rows without increases. This is where you want to start filling the pillow with fluff. I buy the polyester fiberfill from Joanns fabrics. Its cheap, and with a coupon its even cheaper! I recommend filling the pillow with small pieces of fluff because this gives the pillow a smoother look. Definitely fill it to the max, you don't want a deflated look to your cozy round pillow, right? Fill as much as you can while comfortably knitting!

 Begin decreases as follow:
 Rnd 1: K8, k2tog, 5 times. (95 sts remaining)
 Rnd 2: K7, k2tog, 5 times. (90 sts) 
Rnd 3: K6, k2tog, 5 times. (85 sts)
 Rnd 4: K5, k2tog, 5 times. (80 sts)

Continue in this way until you have only 5 stitches left. (make sure to stuff the pillow full before finishing off! ) Thread a darning needle with the yarn end and pull through the last 5 sts to finish off. Tuck in the remaining tail of yarn and VOILA! It is finished! 


I love quick, fun knits like this. Hope you do too! Happy knitting!