The Knitty Gritty:

Needles: Size 13, 16-inch circular and dpns 

Yarn: Lionbrand Hometown Dallas Grey 

Finished size: about 15 inches across 

CO 5 sts onto dpns.  

(CO 2 sts on first needle, 2 sts on the next, and then 1 st on the last one.) This part is slightly cumbersome because of the small number of stitches, but it gets better, I promise. 

Place marker to mark the beginning of the round. 

Join in the round.  

Rnd 1: K2 in each stitch around. (10 sts)

Rnd 2: K1, kfb in next stitch, 5 times. (15 sts)  

Rnd 3: K2, kfb in next stitch, 5 times. (20 sts) 

Rnd 4: K3, kfb in next stitch, 5 times. (25 sts) 

Switch to the 16-inch circulars once your sts fill the dpns.  

Continue increasing in this way, adding 1 more knit stitch in between increases for each round, until you have at least 100 stitches total.     

So, once you have 100 stitches on your needles: 

Knit 7 garter ridges. (14 purl rows)  

This is where you want to start filling the pillow with polyester fiberfill. I recommend filling the pillow with small pieces of fluff because this gives the pillow a smoother look. Fill periodically as you knit until desired fluffiness and be generous!  

Begin decreases as follow: 

Rnd 1: K18, k2tog, 5 times. (95 sts remaining)
 Rnd 2: K17, k2tog, 5 times. (90 sts)  
 Rnd 3: K16, k2tog, 5 times. (85 sts)

Rnd 4: K15, k2tog, 5 times. (80 sts) 

Rnd 5: K14, k2tog, 5 times. (75 sts) 

Rnd 6: K13, k2tog, 5 times. (70 sts) 

Rnd 7: K12, k2tog, 5 times. (65 sts) 

Rnd 8: K11, k2tog, 5 times. (60 sts) 

Switch back to dpns once the sts will not stretch around circular! 

Continue in this way until you have only 5 stitches left. (Make sure to stuff the pillow full before finishing off!)  

Thread a darning needle with the yarn end and pull through the last 5 sts to finish off. Tuck in the remaining tail of yarn and VOILA! It is finished! !