Happy Easter!

There is so much to celebrate right now....the most long-awaited arrival of spring, our Lord and Savior, and it's Lacey's birthday today! I have such a close, wonderfully caring friend in her. Spring is also a time for fun, ultra bright knitting projects! 

My ELI (english language institute) student, who just learned to knit this winter, found these little chicks on PurlBee. The pattern is free, and so quick to knit up, especially if you use a size 7, instead of the suggested size 3 gauge. So, mine turned out slightly mega, but the kids still love it! Here it is! 

Lacey: Celtic Knots

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My husband's family has some Irish roots, so it's always been fun to cook a hearty meal, and enjoy the festivities.  However, we somehow seem to always be lacking green in our closets.  Not wanting anyone to get pinched, I knit these Celtic knot necklaces for me and Aevyn.

I used a French knitting spool to make long i-cords.  Then I found online tutorials for the knots I liked.  Mine is the bumble bee knot, and for Aevyn I tied the heart knot.

Aline needed a little extra green too!

No pinching!  Just Irish kisses for us!

Lacey: You need to knit yourself a skirt!

Last January, I thought that instead of always knitting tops and hats, my bottom half needed some warmth too!  A hand knit skirt would be a new style to try out.  Since I wasn't finding any patterns I liked, I took my love of cables and a skein of Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool, and designed a skirt that was completely unique and the perfect touch for the end of winter!

The celtic cable in front is the main attraction, but each cable in the skirt is different.

The celtic cable in front is the main attraction, but each cable in the skirt is different.

I wore the skirt once, and then gave it to Kate, because I knew she would get much more wear out of it.  Every time I see her in it, I feel so happy!  And one thing we agreed on... Everyone needs a wool, hand knit skirt!  We call it the "bum warmer" because it is sooo warm!  

Then in September, I knit a skirt designed by Pickles.  I loved the pattern as soon as I saw it, but I did shorten it by several inches!  (You reach a point where you don't want to knit another inch, you just want to wear it!)  This skirt was also knit in the Fishermen's Wool, and I sent it to my friend in Paris as a birthday gift.  


It's been a year, but I finally have my very own "bum warmer" again!  I did the same Pickles skirt, in the same color, because it's just perfect.  This pattern is a great project to have on the needles for knitting nights or times when your concentration will be split.  It's easy to pick up anytime and you can do the cables without an extra needle.  And, I can't say it enough, it really does keep your bottom so toasty!


The Knitty Gritty


Pattern: Sassy Secretary Skirt by Pickles

Yarn: Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool in Nature's Brown

Needles: Size 6 circular, size 4 circular for ribbing

Size: XS

Modifications: For the waistband, I did ribbing for 3 inches.  I like how it gives it a more slimming shape, and it stays put just fine.  I also shortened the overall length of the skirt by several inches!  

I plan on wearing this skirt as much as I can for the rest of the winter.  It's cozy and casual with a t-shirt and leggings, but can also be paired with silk fabrics or even leather!  I love it's versatility, and the simple cable pattern makes it perfect for any day.  Bottom line (wink, wink)... you need one!  

Lacey: Knits of 2013

One of the reasons Kate and I started blogging was to be able to collect the projects we've done.  When I'm working on a long stretch of stockinette, or feel like I've ripped the same part out over and over, it's nice to look back and see that 'Yes!  I can finish projects!'

With our Tuesday night knitting group and all the evenings I stayed up way too late because my husband was traveling, I feel like I was able to get a lot done this year!

Hanging bobble garlands, knitted tree, striped sweater for an auction, Phildar dress, Ahoy matey sweater (I did two of these- 6m and 24m sizes)

Hanging bobble garlands, knitted tree, striped sweater for an auction, Phildar dress, Ahoy matey sweater (I did two of these- 6m and 24m sizes)

Striped sweater for Charlie, Petite Sophisticate for a baby friend, knit hair bows, Traveling Roses scarf for my grandmother, beret for Aline

Striped sweater for Charlie, Petite Sophisticate for a baby friend, knit hair bows, Traveling Roses scarf for my grandmother, beret for Aline

Dropstitch Cowl, boot cuffs, a hat for Aev, and bobbles for the Astor window

Dropstitch Cowl, boot cuffs, a hat for Aev, and bobbles for the Astor window

Knitted ties for Justin and Karen's wedding, a fox costume, Lil' Miss Coat for Aline, cable knit skirt, another tie, a little lamb hat

Knitted ties for Justin and Karen's wedding, a fox costume, Lil' Miss Coat for Aline, cable knit skirt, another tie, a little lamb hat

Party Strand bobble garland, Sassy Secretary skirt, Bobble wall hanging, striped sweater (3T), striped sweater for Aline

Party Strand bobble garland, Sassy Secretary skirt, Bobble wall hanging, striped sweater (3T), striped sweater for Aline

Striped sweater (6m), Armknit panel with cable for Astor, cotton summer sweater, Cozy round pillow, snowflake hat for the hubby, my fuzzy, furry scarf

Striped sweater (6m), Armknit panel with cable for Astor, cotton summer sweater, Cozy round pillow, snowflake hat for the hubby, my fuzzy, furry scarf

I've already completed a few projects (mainly my own designs!) this January.  My goals for 2014 include challenging myself with new skills, knit an adult sweater, and perhaps create a new art installment.  Should be fun!

Ktog is going to New York!

This is always a busy time of year for us, with Christmas and New Year's, but also birthdays and time spent with all the friends and family who travel home for the holidays.

This season we also had some crazy knitting filling up any gaps in our schedule.  First, we were contacted by Vogue Knitting Live to display in the artist gallery at their upcoming event in NY!  We were so excited when we got this email, and knew our Hanging Bobble Garlands would be just the piece.  We're still working on a few finishing touches to make sure it is perfect for the event in the middle of January.  We are ecstatic to have this opportunity and can't wait to spend a few days talking to other artists, designers, and knitters.

We were also approached in December by the ever creative Karen DeMaio Weber, Kate's sister-in-law, to knit a window display for Astor Wines, where she is currently working as their Art Director.  This put our needles (and arms, actually!) into overdrive as we prepared three 4x6 foot arm-knit panels and three 15 foot bobble garlands for delivery by January 2!

Kate arm-knitting, sketch of the display design, lots of bobbles ready to ship!

Kate arm-knitting, sketch of the display design, lots of bobbles ready to ship!

Seeing our bobbles in NYC will be a surreal experience, and as always, we couldn't do any of this without the support and patience of our wonderful husbands!  Watch out, New York... we're on our way!

Hooded Baby Onesie by Devin Cole

K: My sister-in-law asked me to knit a gift for her friend's baby girl early this fall. So, we looked for the cutest pattern we could find, and found this one! It is from a book called 60 More Quick Baby Knits and it is designed by Devin Cole.


  It is the type of pattern that just evokes that strong "Aww" reaction from everyone. The cable work is so interesting, and it has bobbles, so I was on board! I also love the beautiful sections of seed stitch, adding so much texture. The color is pleasantly unexpected, and we were able to pretty much match it perfectly. We used a cotton yarn for the blue, and a wool/acrylic blend for the white, both from Joann's. I thought this pattern was written very clearly as well, and was easy to follow. This pattern is a great intermediate knitter's challenge. Did I forget to mention how genius those pompoms are? They are a new obsession of mine as well. I loved the stitch pattern in this baby item, but there is a lot of seaming that has to happen at the end. This obviously is not my favorite part of knitting, but the finished product here was worth it! 

Here is the finished project!  

photo 3-1.JPG

I was really excited to find snaps that matched the buttons I chose for the placket! 

photo 4.JPG
photo 4-1.JPG
photo 1-1.JPG

Put a Bow on It!

We've been knitting lots of bow ties and hair bows, and they're all up in the shop!


There's nothing cuter than a boy in a bowtie, and these would be a dapper accessory to a holiday outfit.  They come in lots of colors, and some are detailed with a contrast edging.

Photo Nov 22, 11 31 20 AM.jpg

We have bows for little girls too!  They look elegant pinned in a ponytail, and will make her feel extra fancy!  Add a little sparkle to your girl's wardrobe this winter with these sweet hair bows!

Photo Nov 22, 3 14 24 PM.jpg

These would be perfect stocking stuffers for a happy holiday!

Good bowline.JPG
Photo Nov 22, 11 35 24 AM.jpg

Mother-Daughter Knitting

My church hosts small groups for 10 week sessions throughout the year.  Any person can choose a discussion, service, or activity to base their group on.  The hope is that people can get together throughout the week, and connect in deeper ways than a quick wave during the Sunday gathering.  This fall I've been hosting a Mother-Daughter Knitting group.   


We meet at a coffeeshop, enjoy coffee and hot cocoa, and some cozy, quality time with our girls.  I love being able to share my love of knitting with Aevyn, and it has been so exciting to see her develop her skills and even teach others.  All of the moms in our group learned the basics pretty quickly, and each week they come with something new they've started, or a question that pushes their skills further.  The girls are doing great, too!  

Aevyn's projects

Aevyn's projects

What I love is that each of these mother-daughter pairs now has an activity they can do together.  They may not knit during every spare moment, but it's something they can pick up whenever.  And the girls will always be able to say, "I learned to knit with my mom!"

(These photos and videos are Aevyn's perspective on knitting group!)

The Cutest Fox

I've made several Halloween costumes over the last few years, but the charm has lost it's appeal as the kids grow older and want what their friends are wearing.  And this year, since we were going to be in Chicago for Vogue Knitting Live (we'll post all about it soon!), I was happy to keep things simple for whoever was taking them trick-or-treating.

But I still made one little costume! 


The Fox by Ylvis has been a huge hit this year.  You either love it or hate it, and Aline loves it!  So we all do!   I knitted her a top down hat with perky fox ears and pompom ties.  Add a tutu and fox tail, and she's ready to sing and dance all night! 

Chicago, Here we Come!

We are flying out to Chicago for Vogue Knitting Live


This will be our first time doing anything like this.  We'll each be taking a few classes from the experts.  Mine will focus around sweater design and cables, and Kate will be learning more about color work.  

Besides the classes, there will be a marketplace filled with amazing yarns, knitting lounges, and fellow knitters to hang out with!  This is going to be a great opportunity for us to see what trends are going on right now and what other knitters are excited about!  

Our husbands are also both going, so our evenings will be full of yummy food and drinks with friends. 

We've been looking forward to this weekend for so long, we almost can't believe it's here!  We'll tell you all about it when we get back!

Tying the Knot

K: My younger brother Justin  got married! I love him so much. He has one of the best personal styles I have encountered, and he is just as interesting to talk to. No one that has met him has anything negative to say about him, ever...and that is very rare nowadays. I can't say enough great things about him. And to say the least, his wedding was magical. Especially because he married Karen Demaio. 

 (Thanks to Andrew Larason for snapping this beautiful shot of the bride and groom!)

 (Thanks to Andrew Larason for snapping this beautiful shot of the bride and groom!)

L:  Creativity exudes from everything Karen and Justin do.  They are both super talented artists, as well as such kind, genuine people.  Karen has been so supportive and encouraging of our ktog adventures! 

K: Karen is a friend, who has been a huge inspiration to me with knitting. She and Justin together communicate love for the arts, and they appreciate the art that others create. They are humble in that they want to promote others and share in the joy of creation. They are collaborators, like joyful kids, fun, and so artistic, it's pretty ridiculous. Ridiculously charming, that is.

About two months before the wedding, Karen asked Lacey and I if we could pull off knitting seven ties for Justin and the groomsmen. She wanted us to be a part of her overall look for the wedding! We were pretty intrigued, because we have never knit ties before. Karen had a particular peach-orange in mind, so we began the search for the perfect color.
I took Karen to one of my favorite yarn shops, Stitches with Style which is right in our area! We picked up a yarn called Kimono, a linen blend. We played with the idea of color-blocking, concentrating the peach at the bottom of the tie, with the rest of the tie cream-colored. Over the course of a month we knit, tore out, knit some more, tore out, and kept knitting. 
 It was such a process!

 L:  After doing some test samples, at 2 inches wide, we started to realize the tie was going to be a bit bulky under a shirt collar, especially with the knot.  Our first full length ties had a decrease down to 1 1/2 inches right before the knot would be made.  It was at this time that the original idea with the peach on the bottom was traded in for a design that was mainly peach, with some cream stripes toward the bottom of the tie.  We also decided to make the whole thing 1 1/2 inches wide, decreasing down to one inch for the last ten inches of the tie.

K: Each tie was 56 inches long, and we knit the ties in stockinette on size four needles! As you can imagine, knitting stockinette for that long can drive any knitter crazy! However, Lacey and I learned more about ourselves as a knitting team through the whole process. She is amazing at colorwork and tying in ends, two things I don't have the patience for at all.

L: And Kate is insanely fast, so she could speed along with all that peach!  I knit the first 15 inches, then passed the ties on to Kate to finish. 

K: We completed the ties much faster that way!  We also wanted to professionally finish the ties, so we had tags printed for the tie stay in the back of the tie! The ties turned out even better than we expected, and looked great! 

K: My brothers from left: Jon, Brett, Jeremy, and Ryan

K: My brothers from left: Jon, Brett, Jeremy, and Ryan

K: My brother, Jeremy!  He wears this tie well!

K: My brother, Jeremy!  He wears this tie well!

Just a little close-up of the tags we had printed for the ties!

Just a little close-up of the tags we had printed for the ties!

K: On their honeymoon, Justin and Karen did a little photo shoot of Justin wearing his tie with this olive green H & M suit... and we absolutely love these shots! Thanks, Karen and Justin!

This is a favorite shot of one of the ties! 

This is a favorite shot of one of the ties! 

What a cool guy! Did I mention Justin is a professional yo-yo/ performance artist? 

What a cool guy! Did I mention Justin is a professional yo-yo/ performance artist? 


K: Lacey and I are both thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such a special day for Karen and Justin, and we hope to collaborate more with them in the future!

L:  Congratulations, Karen and Justin!  Thanks for sporting our ties! 

Ahoy, Matey!

Sometimes I'm inspired by colors, sometimes by texture or shape, or simply by the fact that I know what I want and can't find it anywhere else.   And every once in a while, I have a random conversation with someone I hardly know and decide I want to knit for them!

That is how this baby boy sweater came to be. 


When I met Dan Salvo at my cousin's wedding, and then talked to him again at his studio a few weeks later, I knew he had the same passion for his art of photography that I have for knitting.

Dan owns Dazzle Photography, in Newark, DE.  Besides his one-of-a-kind images (this guy is willing to climb up into the rafters of a barn for the perfect shot), what I love most is the unique way that he puts video and photo together into one fantastic presentation.  After editing a 'Cinema Highlight' video for a wedding, he hosts the newlyweds and their friends for a reveal party, complete with drinks and dessert.  What a festive evening to celebrate their recent marriage and view their photos and video for the first time!  He also teaches lessons right out of his studio.

Dan's creative approach gives his clients an experience tailored to their personalities and style.  And it seems like he has a lot of fun, too! 

This sweater is inspired by the energy I saw in Dan, something fun and unique for his new baby boy. 


If I do say so myself, this is the perfect little boy sweater! It is classic prep style in the front, but turn around, and it's way too cool for school!

I love pirates for little boys, and this one looks like he's smiling! 





I love hearing others talk about their passions, whether it's a career or hobby.  And, of course, I love to talk about all things knit!  I think the excitement is contagious!  And you never know, you might end up with a baby sweater just for geeking out to what you love!


Grand Opening!!!

It's  I love yarn day!  And we do, so much!  We decided to celebrate by...

Opening our etsy shop! 


We decided to open our shop with two of our favorite things to knit: Bobble garlands and baby sweaters! We offer the option to personalize each sweater's color and yarn, and we are able to match your room decor with our many-colored bobble garlands. Come check it out! 


You can always get to our shop from the shop link in our sidebar! We are excited to share our designs with everyone!   






Cozy up with a handknit round pillow!

After I had a little bit of time to recover from the knit installment Lacey and I did for the Table at Brandywine in the Spring...I found myself wanting to knit spheres again. Weird inkling, right? Two of the failed bobbles from the event actually turned into a set of round knit couch pillows for my sister-in-law's living room. She has a major knack for decorating a space, and she made these accidental pillows look totally cool. So, I thought I would make my sister Nat a pillow as a house-warming gift! She just recently moved to Brooklyn! Here is the pillow and the how-to!


The Knitty Gritty:
Needles: Size 13, 16-inch circular and dpns
Yarn: Lionbrand Hometown Dallas Grey
 Finished size: about 15 inches across!

CO 5 sts onto dpns. (CO 2 sts on first needle, 2 sts on the next, and then 1 st on the last one.) This part is slightly cumbersome because of the small number of stitches, but it gets better, I promise!
Place marker to mark the beginning of the round.
 Join in the round. 
Rnd 1: K2 in each stitch around. (10 sts)
Rnd 2: K1, K2 in next stitch, 5 times. (15 sts) 
Rnd 3: K2, K2 in next stitch, 5 times. (20 sts)
Rnd 4: K3, K2 in next stitch, 5 times. (25 sts)

Switch to the 16-inch circulars once your sts fill the dpns. 

Continue increasing in this way, adding 1 more knit stitch in between increases for each round, until you have at least 75 stitches total. For this grey pillow I increased until I had at least 100 stitches. Honestly, I cannot remember the exact amount of stitches I ended up with! A little tip, take notes as you go, so that if you ever want to replicate your project, it's easy!  

Once you have 100 stitches on your needles, Knit 7 garter ridges. This will be 14 purl rows without increases. This is where you want to start filling the pillow with fluff. I buy the polyester fiberfill from Joanns fabrics. Its cheap, and with a coupon its even cheaper! I recommend filling the pillow with small pieces of fluff because this gives the pillow a smoother look. Definitely fill it to the max, you don't want a deflated look to your cozy round pillow, right? Fill as much as you can while comfortably knitting!

 Begin decreases as follow:
 Rnd 1: K8, k2tog, 5 times. (95 sts remaining)
 Rnd 2: K7, k2tog, 5 times. (90 sts) 
Rnd 3: K6, k2tog, 5 times. (85 sts)
 Rnd 4: K5, k2tog, 5 times. (80 sts)

Continue in this way until you have only 5 stitches left. (make sure to stuff the pillow full before finishing off! ) Thread a darning needle with the yarn end and pull through the last 5 sts to finish off. Tuck in the remaining tail of yarn and VOILA! It is finished! 


I love quick, fun knits like this. Hope you do too! Happy knitting! 


Phildar N. 7 La Robe

I started this adorable dress a few months ago, but ran out of yarn halfway through. My dear friend sent me the skein of coral yarn I needed (thank you so much, Jenni!), and I was able to finish the project!


The Knitty Gritty

Pattern:  Phildar N. 067-T11-435 from Spring/Summer 2012                                                                                   

Yarn: Phildar Phil Coton 3 in guimauve, corail, and rosee                                                               

Needles: US size 6 circular, US size 2 circular                                                                            

Size: 12 months (I think they run a size big, because Aline normally wears 18m.)                 

Modifications: I used 3 colors instead of the 5 the pattern called for. (Also, in the future, I think I might slip the edge stitch around the arm holes.) Once I wove in all my stripe-y ends, I actually sewed the dress together with a machine.  This is the second time I've done this, and I really like the way it turns out.  I think it holds up fine, and looks nicer than if I tried to sew it with yarn!  

I love this little dress!  Fortunately, Aline does too!  She has worn it as a tunic over leggings, and a dress over a diaper cover.  It's been washed a few times by now, too!  Washes fine and the stitches look just as crisp as when they were just knit! 

Pretty sure every photo shoot with Aline will include Cheerios! 

Pretty sure every photo shoot with Aline will include Cheerios! 

I love the yarn, love the stripes, and love the simple style!  But what I love most of all is when someone asks Aline if I knit her dress, and she looks down and smooths it out to show it off.  Such a sweetie pie!


Have you ever knit a pattern that was written in a different language?  How about sewing a knitted garment together?

Adventures with Bobbles

  The bobble is my favorite detail stitch in knitting. I am drawn to round shapes, and the bobble is everything that epitomizes cute, unexpected texture, and fun detail in a garment.  This cape was posted on pinterest, and is just so wonderful! 

bobble cape.jpg

The bobble became my signature earlier this year when I was asked to knit a display for a book release party called Dream Friends, put on by the table at brandywine at DCCA, the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts in Wilmington. I began with a wooden wagon wheel that I yarn-bombed with a diamond cable and bobble design around the circumference. I loved the idea of how knit can connect to other things- space, places, people...so I wanted tendril-like garlands reaching out from the wagon wheel, hanging where people could touch them and feel connected to the piece in that way. The I-cord was perfect, and I added the bobble concept to it to come up with tons of "bobble garlands" hanging from the wagon wheel up to 9 feet long.

Here is one of the bobble strands in progress! I added a tiny little sparkle strand that I picked up on South Street in Philadelphia randomly, that added a little something special to each strand! 

bobble in progress2.jpg

Soon, the project grew, and became a series of four wagon wheels with as many bobble garlands hanging off of them as Lacey and I could knit in a month and a half. We also recruited our whole knitting group, and we lived, breathed, and obsessed about these bobble garlands. It was like a knitting race, requiring constant work and endurance. Our hands were tired, our husbands, and even our children seemed tired! Finally in March, the date rolled around, and we had knit so many bobble garlands that we ended up using 5 and a half MILES of yarn for the piece! Thank God it was mainly Bernat handicrafter cotton, or else we would have knit our husbands and children out of house and home! Despite all the grueling work the knit piece had become, it was the most satisfying project I have ever created, including all the clothing pieces I designed in college.  The piece looked exactly like my sketches, and when we hung it up at DCCA, it was a dream come true. In fact, it fueled our love for knit installments, and has really changed the course of ktog's knitting aspirations.  Here are some shots of the final piece!

Photo Mar 16, 4 54 00 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 16, 4 52 26 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 18, 8 20 26 PM.jpg

We are so thankful to the Table at Brandywine who gave us the opportunity to dream big and use knitting in an unexpected way. Check out their upcoming events here


Hanging Out

L:  We've both been on vacations with our families these last few weeks!  I went up to Massachusetts to visit my sister and her family in Marblehead.

K:  Each year, we go to Corolla, in the Outer Banks, and spend a week together at the beach with my husband's dad and siblings.  This year, Grandpa came too!  Good friends of ours, who we've vacationed with in the past, also came along for the fun.  

Here are a few photos of our works in progress: 


L:   Dropstitch Cowl, a nice chunky knit!


L:  A little pirate sweater in need of some sleeves! 

photo copy.JPG

K:  Baby mobile I've been working on for a while that I really love, I just have the finishing touches to do! 


K:  I've been picturing a little pink and navy polka dot sweater, something new and challenging! 

Photo Jul 21, 4 19 39 PM.jpg

L and K:  Testing some samples!  We might knit ties for a good friend's upcoming wedding! 

Happy summer knitting!


Half a Dress....

Have you heard of  Phildar?  I first saw one of their patterns on Pinterest, and determined to check them out when I visited my friend in Paris.  Although I've read on other blogs that this is a cheaper brand (maybe similar to Lion Brand?), I have loved everything I've seen from them.  

Only picture we took... but look at the bright colors! 

Only picture we took... but look at the bright colors! 

I found the yarn on a floor in Les Printemps, a world famous department store.  Can you imagine picking up a few skeins of yarn while you're browsing the designer collections at Nordstrom?  I think this shows a difference in the cultural perceptions of knitting, and crafting, in general.  The French value the process, and encourage it as a part of high fashion.  

Phildar designs garments that are cute and practical, so I bought a few kids catalogs and several skeins of yarn.  Once I got home, I realized that, of course, the catalogs are in French!  I found a great site that shares the translations of French knitting terms, and so far I haven't had any problems.  Well...


...until I ran out of yarn in the middle of this dress.

This will be for my 18 month old daughter, Aline.  The yarn is Phildar Coton 3, and although it's 100% cotton, it has such a beautiful shine!  I'm using size 3 needles, and the smaller size makes the dress feel more delicate and special.  Knitting stockinette can get boring, but the stripes are fun!  I love these colors together!  So sweet and girly! 


I can't wait to see my baby toddling around this summer in her striped dress!  Fortunately, I have a special order of that pretty orange coming in!  (Perk of having a friend who lives in Paris!)                                                                                                                                                  



We love stripes!

I have been working on a little sweater design for the past couple of weeks. It stemmed off of the baby sophisticate sweater by Linden Down on Ravelry. I learned how to do raglan shaping from her adorable sweater! I wanted to try a simple striped pullover with raglan shaping and a button placket opening in the back. The first one turned out pretty well, so Lace and I thought that we would make a couple different color combos!

Here they are! 

Photo May 27, 8 03 11 PM.jpg

The pink and white one is all Lily and Bernat cotton, the green and cream one is Berrocco Comfort yarn, and the blue and yellow one is Martha Stewart and Berrocco yarn together. My favorite one to knit was the cream and green sweater. It is so soft! Ever since I made the Purlbee chevron blanket, I have been in love with Berrocco Comfort yarn. It is wonderful! 

We hope to post the pattern soon, but for now, here are some more photos!

Photo May 27, 8 03 53 PM.jpg
pink and white sailor stripe.jpg


L:  Every Tuesday, we spend the evening with a few friends that we've taught to knit over the last few months.  It's a time to knit, talk, knit, chat, knit, laugh...  It's become a night that we all look forward to.  We have the chance to catch up, encourage each other through whatever we're dealing with, and share our lives.  Teaching others to knit is one of Kate and my passions; and we've also seen how it can be a great comfort to create something for a friend going through a hard time, or to have this hobby when you are struggling yourself.

K: I have always had eczema, but this past year, I have dealt with a bad eczema breakout that lasted most of the year. All year I went to multiple doctors, tried all sorts of creams, all kinds of diets, and nothing seemed to help. The breakout was the worst on my hands, but spread to the rest of my body. It made huge cracks and open sores all over. There were weeks where I was in so much pain, that even the smallest movement was difficult because of the pain. And actually, most of the year, from September through March, I had to wear gloves. Days when I didn't have the self control not to scratch and pick at my hands, I would knit, and knit, and knit. Knitting made me feel like I was fighting the eczema, even though I could not find the solution. It helped me keep my hopes up! 

Colossians 2:2 gives us inspiration to use knitting as a way to comfort and encourage others. Today, our group Knit Together In Love, has the opportunity to go to AI DuPont children’s hospital in Wilmington to share the knitting love! They have a craft room that is open to the kids every night! So tonight we are teaching finger knitting, a fun twist to traditional knitting. All you need is your fingers, and some bits of yarn! It’s so easy and fun! 

Here is a video tutorial on finger-knitting: (our first video tutorial ever! We will post written instructions at the end of this post as well.) 

Some cool things to make with your finger knitting:


How to Finger Knit:

1.     Leaving a 6” tail, lay yarn across your left palm and squeeze in place with your thumb.  Turn hand over to face up.

2.     Using your right hand, weave yarn over your index finger, under the middle, over the ring, and under the pinkie.

3.     Wrap it around your pinkie, under the ring, over the middle, and under and around the index finger.

4.     Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have two rows of yarn on each finger.

5.     Starting with the pinky, pull the bottom loop over the top one, and let it drop off your finger.  Do this with each of the fingers.  (This first time, it will be the tail that you pull over and let hang off the index finger.  It will be tightened up later.)

6.     Wrap the working yarn around and over your index finger, under the middle, over the ring, and around the pinkie, back under the ring, over the middle, and under the index again. 

7.     Repeat steps 5 and 6 until your knitted piece is as long as you want. 

8.     When you want to finish, leave one row of yarn around your fingers.  Move the pinkie loop over to the ring finger and pull the bottom loop over it.  Move this loop over to the middle and do the same thing.  Once you get to the index finger, cut your yarn about 6” and pull it through the last loop.